Equalizer for Rhythmbox – Ubuntu 12.04

I’ve used Ubuntu since Natty Narwhal (11.04) and I’ve no really bad comment about that Operating System except for the “codecs” issue which is not come pre-installed in Ubuntu. I can do my all my documents there, edit some pictures or so like what I can do in Windows.

Ubuntu 12.04 Software Center

Ubuntu 12.04 Software Center

The problem is, if you are a music lover in Ubuntu, you will just have to download some “codecs” to play some of your favorite MP3 or WMA songs. Well, Ubuntu Software Center has you covered that is if you know what to install.

My player in Ubuntu 11.04 is Banshee. Not only that it comes pre-installed in the Operating System, once you installed some codecs, it plays nicely and the music library is nice too, also, it has some Equalizer function in it which you can tune-up the sounds you like.

The version of Ubuntu of the time that I have written this post is Precise Pangolin (12.04). But wait, they change their default player to Rhythmbox. Rhythmbox is also nice, good library, and fast but it does not have an equalizer. Many Ubuntu Beta users before complain about this. Why did they replace Banshee with Rhythmbox?

That was the buzz in Ubuntu forums in the last few months. I also hunt the internet when I install 12.04 on my machine for equalizers for Rhythmbox and I found this 10 Band Equalizer. Read through the forums on how to install this plugin and found out that it was really hard for an average Linux user to install. So, I download it and try it.

Rhythmbox Equalizer

Rhythmbox Equalizer

At first I was confused but I manage to make it work. Here are the procedures…

  1. Download the files here:

    I took the liberty and download the files and compress it.

  2. Extract all the files to “/home/(your username)/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins” or go to your home folder and press “ctrl+h” to see the hidden files and navigate to “.local”, “share”, “rhythmbox”, if it does not have the folder “plugins”, create it and extract the contents of the archive there.
  3. PS. Include the folder “equalizer”, not just the contents inside of it.

Now run Rhythmbox and enable the plugin… Enjoy!!!

Please make a comment if this helps or not. Thanks.

25 thoughts on “Equalizer for Rhythmbox – Ubuntu 12.04

    • What do you mean by “does not load”? Did you follow my instructions correctly? I’ve done this procedure only once and it worked for me with no problems…

      Maybe there’s something wrong with what you did?

  1. Yes, I followed the step by step procedures. Appears in the list of plugins, but when I turn, the rhythmbox says it can not be loaded. Resinstalei ubuntu, but not solved.

    • Okay, Try to download it again. I’ve uploaded a new archive and do the same procedure again. Maybe there are some conflicts with my server and the “tar.gz” archive. If you are still having some problems after doing the procedure, I suggest that you try to install the plugin in an English version of Ubuntu. Maybe there are also some conflicts with the language that you use.

  2. It might be a good idea to add your repository to the Zorin 6 release (Ubuntu 12.04 base with Windows look and feel). It comes with Rhythmbox default but no equalizer. I’m sure the Zorin guys would find this a worthy addition.

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