Ubuntu 12.04 no login sound fix

I’ve installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my machine and I was surprised it doesn’t have a login sound, especially for a user like me who is used when my Ubuntu starts-up, it plays a login sound since 11.04.

Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop

Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop

It is just not the same when you boot-up your computer and all of a sudden you are in your desktop. Much like Windows 7, I like it when my Operating System starts-up with a sound.

Searching the net, I saw this work-around and tried it my self and I was surprised when it worked.

Ok, I will show you how to did it…

Go to upper-right corner of your screen and click the small sprocket icon there and a sub-menu is going to pop-up and click “Startup Applications…” and the Startup Applications menu will pop-up.

Ubuntu 12.04 Startup Applications menu

Click “Add” and enter in the fields as shown in the picture below and click “Save” and close the Startup Applications…

Ubuntu 12.04 Startup Applications menu

And there you have it! Try to log out and log back in to test. hope this helps…

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    • Try this…

      Copy this command and paste it in your terminal and hit enter

      /usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login"

      If there is no sound, there must be something wrong with your configuration. However if there is a sound, do the procedure as I stated here. I only tried it once and it worked for me with no problems.

      • Roel, Ty. Yes, it did work in the terminal. Before I did that though, I removed the Gnome Start up sound app completely from Start up applications & added it back as you described above. Then I pasted the command in the terminal. I almost thought it did not work at first, but I heard a faint noise. I immediately went to my (Alert Volume)under Sound Effects settings. It was adjusted about a third way up, but it was not enough. After moving the slider for the Alert Volume under Sound Effects about 7/8 of the way up, it was loud & clear. Thanks a million! James

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